Sunday, April 14, 2019

The World According to Bella

Homeward Bound Well Maybe? Finally a sign we might be leaving soon. Mrs S was packing.   
But then she stopped and I heard something about bad weather. Does that mean we aren't  going now? I was confused. I had been hopeful to leave soon. Quite frankly my paws are killing me with all my daily walks on concrete. Did you know the other night I even dreamed I was home rolling in the grass? I was in my happy place.
While Mr. C  and Mrs. S were deciding on when to leave I went back to the patio.  It's my favorite place to lie in the sun and watch the birds on the wall 
or just take a nap.
After awhile I went looking for Mr.C or Mrs. S.  It seemed way past my dinner. I must have napped a long time. The house was real quiet. Where did they go? My stomach was growling. I needed food. The door was open to where Mrs S had been packing. I sniffed around thinking there had to be food somewhere in those bags.  And I was right. I found four little bags of something that smelled kinda good right on top. I finished one bag and was just starting on bag two when I heard their voices.
I raced out of the room wagging my tail, happy to see them but hoping they wouldn't notice the mess I made. 
Well let me tell you Mrs S was real annoyed with me. Seems she had bought these special crackers for gifts and because I had eaten two bags and crumbled the rest trying to chew into them she now had to go out and rebuy. 
Believe me I was lucky I got dinner that night. I was worried she'd take it away from me. I'm not sure what she thought was so special about these crackers. They weren't that great and just made me real thirsty.
I do hope they decide soon when we'll leave. I don't want to miss Easter and all the fun of finding my basket.
Love, Bella 

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  1. Safe travels, Bella and family. And stay out of the food gifts.


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