Saturday, April 20, 2019

The World According to Bella

My Happy Place
The day we left I didn't need much coaxing to get in the van. In fact I even skipped my breakfast to make sure I was "in" and not left behind. 

I rode to Minnesota pretty much in this position my butt on the back seat and watching Mr. C and Mrs. S 's driving. I wanted to make sure they were headed the right way. So not too many naps for me and a lot of boring looking  out the window watching. All I ever saw was cattle and more cattle and not much else.  
After New Mexico (too many rocks there ) the rest stops got better with real grass to pee on. We went through two new states for me North and South Dakota. Mr. C counted and I have been to 25 of the 50 states either to visit something or make a pee stop. 

I really liked the second hotel we stopped at. In the lobby they had two huge containers of milk bones for doggie visitors with NO LIMITS though Mr. C did not let me get too carried away. But for me I found my happy place right back at the lake.
Let me tell you my hole did need some serious renovation after the bad winter. Finally after I got it just the way I liked it, I spent a few hours just relaxing in the sun.
The lake still has a lot of ice on it, but near the shore I was able to get my first swim in of the season. 
I'm happy we're in time for Easter. I did not want to miss a bunny delivery. 
Hope your Easter is good.
Love , Bella  
P.S. Mr. C and Mrs. S said I was just the best traveler ever, never making a fuss or asking, "Are we there yet?"  Hope this means I get good stuff in my basket. 

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