Friday, February 17, 2012

The World According to Bella

Home On The Range
This is me after a tough day on the ranch. I was exhausted!
and I didn't even get to chase the Texas Longhorns-just gaze at them through the fence.
But hey.... I am getting ahead of myself. Let me start from the beginning rather than the end.

Mr. C and Mrs. S singing Home On The Range as we were driving to the King Ranch was starting to give me a bit of a headache. They were off key but definitely pumped for the experience. But I was not in the mood for their singing. The weather outside was taking a turn for the worse. First I watched little raindrops become huge raindrops as they splashed across the window. Soon raindrops turned to sheets of rain and I could not see a thing outside. Now I was getting worried. I thought this state was in a drought! This is like our 5th day of rain in two weeks. Finally when Mr. C really could not see much we got off the freeway. Thinking this was safer but now there were new problems. The streets were flooding and we had to drive through a ton of rain. I was getting very anxious and was relieved when we finally arrived at the ranch and the rain was letting up. 

Now this was some ranch. Like some 825,000 acres. Do you know that is larger than the state of Rhode Island? The ranch is home to some 50,000 cattle and 350 Quarter horses. But parts of my visit were  disappointing. I never saw any of these 350 horses nor any of 50,000 cattle just 3 Longhorn AND  not even ONE cowboy or cowgirl. I was even ready with my bandanna and pink hat on.  But I did see a lot of other neat things like saddles, cowboy boots and cactus. 
Missing my morning and afternoon nap and all the walking we did is why I am so tired. I was actually happy to see rain on the way back. Mr. C now had to concentrate on his driving and I did not have to hear any more verses of Home On The Range.

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