Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The World According to Bella

Texas Arrival
I am spoiled. I got real used to all the dog friendly places we visited last year and thought it would be the same here. It was disappointing there were no water bowls outside stores for me nor dog treats to buy in San Antonio. And finding places to pee.. well that was tough with all the concrete. Perhaps this city does not usually have dogs my size visit. Despite the stares I did get many people stopped to give me friendly pats and tell me how pretty and good looking I am. Now how goods is that!
am told the #1 tourist attraction is visiting the Alamo. So here I am. Check out my picture on the side gallery of photos. But I must say the missions were my favorite. Lots of grass and room to play since all the history stuff didn't interest me much.  I will say Mr. C and Mrs. S were taken with all the interesting things to learn. This quote at the San Jose mission caught their interest. 
A National Geographic Editor wrote…
A map is the greatest of all epic poems. Its lines and colors show the realization of great dreams.

Today is day four being gone from home. Am I ever happy to have finally made it to the gulf. Mr. C and Mrs. S said I am now a veteran car traveler. I have figured out the drill and routine of traveling: getting in and out of the van each time the door opens, staying well behaved in public places, learning how to stay quiet, knowing when to speak up if I have to get out and do my business, settling in hotel rooms, rolling with the unexpected, be willing to try new foods and peeing on command (well all most) at Rest Stops.  
Mrs. S wants me to say she has some good Tex-Mex Super Bowl recipes you might want to try, Will post tomorrow. 
Speaking of the Super Bowl my bets are on watching The Puppy Bowl on Sunday 3-5 sponsored by Animal Planet. Check it out.


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