Thursday, June 20, 2013

Meet The Ladies

Did you know that Minnesota in addition to being well known for over 10,000 lakes also has a hidden treasure Lady slippers flowers? The showy pink and white lady slippers (Cypreginae) also known as the moccasin flower was adopted as the state flower in 1902. Since 1925 this rare wildflower has been protected by state law. It is illegal to pick the flowers or uproot them. In Minnesota they can be found near bogs, swamps and damp areas. These flowers like acid soil that is found in and near pine woods; They grow slowly and take up to 16 years to produce their first flowers. They generally bloom late May and well into June. Since spring has had a slow start the ladies have arrived late.
In our area the Yellow Lady Slippers make their appearance first before the pink ladies. 
My lake neighbor over the years has managed what seems impossible to me the creation of a large garden of lady slippers that practically takes your breath away to see so many in one place. In fact she even has erected a sign near the drive to her house called LadySlipper Cove!  
A field trip to her yard is a photographer's dream. On the right of this blog are more pictures from this magical yard.
The photo below was taken at another neighbor's near the water's edge.

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