Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The World According to Bella

This was such a beautiful sentiment on the poster I enlarged to make it more readable. 
A Day of Surprises
Mrs. S and I were out shopping in the nearby town of Walker. I spied this before she did. I made a beeline for the door dragging Mrs. S along since I was on a leash. Unfortunately, I was not able to fit through the door no matter how hard I pushed, wiggled and twisted. Guess I should think about taking off those extra 7 pounds!!  Mrs. S thought it was quite funny. She said this was not really a house for a dog, but really a garden display.  
When we got a closer look we saw the roof on both sides had all sorts of succulent plants on it.
But I was disappointed! Since it was hot and sunny out, I thought inside Snoopy's house would be a great place to stay cool. 
After I was dragged all around the town looking at stuff that was sooooo boring we headed home. Mrs. S has friends staying with us. I really like them. Both of them brought me a bone. We have AC so I stayed inside and took my time with bone #1. I hope to get bone #2 tomorrow.
Love, Bella

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