Thursday, January 23, 2014

Back to Hack

WCCO-TV’s Frank Vascellaro and Chris Shaffer are hitting the road in the Mobile Weather Watcher to visit the best spots in cabin country during the winter.
The trip is called “Goin’ to the Frozen Lake!” 
This week they are in Hackensack, MN for the "Back to Hack" fest which includes a variety of winter activities:snowmobile races, snow sculptures, ice fishing contests, run/walk marathon and indoor games. 

Despite the frigid temperatures this couple is enjoying being indoors and keeping warm for the WCCO weather segment. that was broadcasted from a local grill/bar.  

The WCCO announcers and their producer were busy studying their notes for the upcoming 10:00 PM newscast. I managed to sneak in behind to get my picture taken.
Frank Vascellaro is second from the left and Chris Schaffer is on the far right. I had a great spot for viewing newscast. I am on the far left wearing a blue striped top.
The interesting thing is that Chris and Frank did not have teleprompters to use but notes scribbled on paper. When Chris did the weather he was looking down at his iPad for weather information.
I applaud WCCO for doing this 'Going to the Lakes ' series in winter and in summer. They target small communities that often do not get a lot of press encouraging others to come and visit the area.
WCCO researches each area visited and on their newscast highlights special attractions. Judging by the crowds this was a great community builder. 
We have had some very cold weather lately that has even forced schools to close. I am happy to report the weekend promises a warm-up just in time for Saturday's "Polar Plunge".

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