Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The World According to Bella

Okefenokee Wildlife Refuge and Dining Out
Once I spied this critter in the swamp I was out of control even though Mrs. S assured me I was not in danger. But this alligator looked pretty scary. The beady looking eyes really freaked me out. Since I just couldn't stop barking I was dragged back to the van.  I missed all the fun of going on a swamp tour boat ride. I had to hear all about it afterwards. This is the last thing I saw before I was left behind.
Okefenokee Wildlife Refuge is huge. It covers 630 square miles in southeast Georgia. Okefenokee is a Native American word meaning "land of the trembling earth."  I thought it was strange when Mrs. S read that on an average wildfires burn the swamp on a 20 year 
cycle following periods of drought. So we saw lots of burned trees.  
There was lots to do where we were like boating, hiking, fishing,camping and hunting. But if you are a dog not too much. I could only walk the trails and it was a 'must' to be on a leash. So for me not too pet friendly. Too many rules on what I could and could not do.  
After many, many hours Mrs. S announced we should eat which sounded like the best thing I'd heard all day.  She spent some time on her phone looking for a restaurant and scored big with Gourmet, Gourmet.  They advertised being pet friendly with outdoor dining but here is the best part...  suggested that pet owners should ask for Doggie Menu. 
Imagine having your own menu to choose from. Mrs. S had to explain what charcuterie meant before I placed my order. I was in 'dog heaven' with this place! 

Ever struggled with the supposedly simple kitchen task of boiling and peeling an egg?
The best guarantee of easy peeling is to use old eggs!” But consider adding 1 tsp. baking soda to the water.
Baking soda helps to separate the egg from the shell. A little sodium bicarbonate in the cooking water makes it alkaline, which in turn draws some of the water content in the egg through the shell and into the pot.

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