Thursday, July 21, 2016

Up North Storm Devastation

Last night's storm did a significant amount of damage to our area. High winds woke us in the middle of the night when this tree fell against the house. For those from Minnesota who are reading this post THINK Brainerd June storm from last year. 
 Remember the tomato potted plants I was bragging about in yesterday's post?  What a difference a day makes.
The yard looks a bit like a war zone. 
Our neighbors have all sprung into action with their chain saws. Presently the road is impassable for a mile or two with some 20 trees down. 
All things considered we fared much better than our neighbors. Just to reach my neighbor's house to view their damage I actually climbed under and over many trees in the road to reach their house. 
 Kathleen's car was totaled 
and they have a lake view which they never had before with some 50 trees down.
Our other neighbors were hit very hard by the gusty winds that ranged between 50-70 miles an hour. I couldn't even make a guess as to how many trees they lost. 
Just think of how old these trees are that have been uprooted out of the ground. 
So needless to say there have been many frantic phone call from homeowners living in the cities or whereabouts wondering about their property. 

There is a bright side to all of this...neighbors have pulled together to help one another, clear the road and lend out chainsaws. The irony of this is my husband just dropped ours off yesterday in town to be sharpened so we don't have it. And another good thing we do have power, AC  and internet!!!!!!!!!
And so the enormity of the physical work that lies ahead is mind boggling. 
Will keep you posted. 

Know that a  lovely wild rice chicken salad was going to be posted today. I had made it for potluck lunch offering for a community event today but we will enjoy it with a few neighbors instead.       

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  1. Oh, wow. I am so sorry to hear about all of the storm damage. I've been out of state for several days and had no idea.


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