Tuesday, March 26, 2019

The World According to Bella

On the Bright Side 

It's a good week when you can manage to avoid a few javelinas we saw crossing the street, didn't see any scary spiders or scorpions out on the back patio though I was napping a bit and may have missed them 
and haven't seen one rattlesnake on our walks. Another good thing was getting a party invite to Lucy's house. 


Mrs S. said we had to dress for the occasion. And so I did.

I really liked Lucy's new scarf. She looked so festive.
I did my best to remember my manners and only messed up a few times.  
I polished off the water in Lucy's bowl, helped myself to a few snacks when no one was looking and then I got so sleepy with all the activity took a nap in her bed.
But I couldn't have been too bad as Lucy's mom said I was welcome any time as we left that night. 

I did think of Mulligan this week when we got this picture. It will seem strange to go home not to see him anymore. I hope I will like Lulu. Mulligan's mom sent us a picture of her. She looks like a small Mulligan. And I see LuLu has one of Mulligan's tennis balls and lots of other toys to play with. I heard she is real happy there.  
One big disappointment this week was missing Sadie's 10th birthday party. She and Luna were treated  to these dog friendly cupcakes with a dog bone on top. I heard they did not know what to do with a cupcake treat. If I had been there I would have dug in quickly.   
But once Sadie and Luna got a little coaxing they were gone quickly.
 They sure looked good to me.

It's getting hot here and I'm ready to leave. But looks like Mr. C and Mrs. S are not. Our neighbor called and told us to stay. Roads are real bad. Hopefully next month.
Love, Bella 


  1. Cute cute cute dog birthday pix.

    I can only imagine the muddy, rutted conditions of those narrow winding roads in the northwoods near your Minnesota home.

  2. Thank you Bella for your newsy letter. Glad you had a great winter in the sun.m Lucky you. We had hills of snow but it is almost gone. We can see green grass, Have a good trip back home. YOUR SILVERTHORN NEIGHBOR NITA


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