Sunday, March 10, 2013

Kauai's Alarm Clock

Kauai is divided into four main areas:east, west, south and north shore. We started our drive from the east shore Waailua to the north shore Princeville. The road dead ends at the the mountain range. I mistakenly thought it was far enough north to escape the wild chickens. But right where the road ended at the foot of the mountains there they were happily forging for food.
Kauai is called the garden isle for its lush vegetation. Some people are calling it the chicken isle because it is being overrun by roosters, hens and little chicks. I recently discovered one reason why. The story goes that in 1992 a hurricane hit the island completely damaging a huge chicken farm and freeing the birds. As time went by the population increased and there is almost an epidemic today of wild birds roaming the island. Kauai is the only island that lacks a mongoose population which is the natural enemy of wild chickens. But the mongoose is also the enemy of all ground nesting birds that are unique to the island. The Port Authority and Hawaiian Dept. of Natural Resources are vigilant about preventing the mongoose getting in here as well as snakes and other animals that might eat birds.
Kauai has never attempted an official program to eradicate them or to reduce its population. Since they have never been deemed a health threat to the community nothing has been done. Its only their constant crowing even when the sun rises that is a considered a nuisance especially to the tourists. Guess the locals are used to all the racket.
While out shopping I have found the rooster image quite a boost to the economy with souvenirs, clothing items like T-shirts that proclaim the rooster as the "official bird of Kauai".
The past two days have provided us with many "Kodak moments"
A coconut tree
A 60 year old Volkswagen bus              

How about this for a cozy spot reading under a tree trunk with an ocean view

Scenic view of poi ponds
Locals sharing their basket crafts

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  1. Everything is so GREEN there. Everything is so WHITE here. That reading spot looks perfect for whiling away an afternoon.