Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Waimea Canyon

Waimea Canyon
The Waimea Canyon is a spectacular gorge that defies description. The layers evident on  the sides of the canyon resemble The Grand Canyon in Arizona. Each layer represents a different eruption and subsequent lava flow. The canyon is 14 miles long,1 mile wide and more than 3,600 feet deep. It richly deserves the nickname "The Grand Canyon of the Pacific."
My husband's race car years served him well on this uphill/downhill drive to reach the summit Wai'ala'ale. The road winds for 20 miles to an elevation of 5,140 feet with hairpin turns and switchbacks. For him it was like a race track as he navigated the course and as  for me, I held a tight grip on the arm rest.
There are 4 different lookouts on the way up with spectacular vistas. The last lookout  Wai'ale'ale, which means "rippling waters", has earned the title "Rainfall Capital of the World." Its single rainiest year was 681 inches in 1982. The title is based on per average year rainfall.   

This canyon trip was breathtaking and not one to be missed if on a Kauai visit. 
Out and About in the town of Waimea

Red crested cardinal

These chickens followed us again to lunch surrounding the picinc table just waiting for a handout, but certainly not from me.
State flower Plumeria
Fruit tree

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