Monday, May 21, 2012

Memorial Weekend Cooking

Think of all the beauty that's still left in
and around you and be happy.
Anne Frank 
This photo was taken near Ely, MN
After finding this Anne Frank quote I choose this photo because I imagined if Anne could escape the chaos of her life she would sit on the bluffs and drink in the solitude. Perhaps she might even write in her diary.

Wishing you a grand week with some easy recipes for your upcoming Memorial weekend cooking:)

London Broil with Blackberry Mustard Sauce

Sauce recipe adapted from Southern Living May 2010

Cook’s note: This sauce also works well with pork tenderloins and chicken

  • ·         2 London broil patties
  • ·         ½ cup onion
  • ·         1 cup white mushrooms-cleaned and diced
  • ·         2 TB. butter
  • ·         ½ tsp garlic (it comes in a jar)
  • ·         2/3 cup Blackberry preserves
  • ·         1 tsp. Dijon mustard (original recipe called for ¼ cup)
  • ·         2 TB. rum or brandy (I used brandy)
  • ·         1/1/2 cup blackberries
  • ·         1 TB. orange zest
  • ·         ½ tsp. ginger
  •       2 tsp. juice from an orange

  • ·         Sauté onion and mushrooms in butter
  • ·         Salt and pepper meat and grill, add sautéed mushrooms and onions
  • ·         Make sauce in a pan adding blackberry preserves, mustard, brandy, orange zest, ginger and orange juice
  • ·         Whisk and cook on low heat about 5 minutes
  • ·         Fold in blackberries and serve sauce over meat

Brownies Ala Mode
Recipe adapted from Nestle Chocolatier Wrapper
  • 1-1/2 package of Bittersweet Chocolate Squares (62% Cacao)
  • option use bittersweet chocolate morsels (10 oz package and ½ of another one)
  • 1 cup of sugar
  • 1/3-cup butter cut into pieces
  • 3 TB brewed coffee
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1 tsp. vanilla
  • ¾ cup plus 3 TB. flour
  • ¼ tsp. salt
  • 1 cup chopped nuts
  • 2 TB. Kahlua
  • Preheat oven top 325
  • Line an 8-inch square baking pan with foil and grease
  • Heat chocolate, sugar, butter, and coffee in a small pan over low heat-whisk ingredients
  • Stir till melted and well blended
  • Pour into a bowl and stir in eggs one at a time and blend well
  • Stir in vanilla and Kahula
  • Add in flour, salt and nuts stir till well blended
  • Pour into pan and bake 30-35 minutes but at check at 30-insert wooden pick in center should come out just a bit sticky
  • Cool pan on a wire rack and after 45 minutes peel off foil and place brownies back into pan
  • Cut into squares and top with whip cream or ice cream 

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