Friday, May 25, 2012

The New "It" Bag

Cooking chicken, fish or shrimp  with vegetables in a sealed steamed parchment bag a.k.a. en papillote is becoming more popular.  On the May 13th posting I wrote about cooking walleye in parchment paper. This method may look fancy and time consuming but really these cute little bundles are a breeze to put together. Your company will think you spent more time in the kitchen assembling this than you actually did.
I found the following recipe that called for using Chinese 5 spice powder, shrimp, snap peas and peppers. Follow this link for recipe
BonAppetit magazine June 2012 featured an article using parchment paper to create bundles to grill or bake.
I tried salmon with lemon, white wine, herbs and zucchini. If I would have had peppers on hand would have added them.
1. First cut parchment paper to 14 x 12 piece. Fold paper in half and cut into a heart shape.
2. Arrange vegetables, herbs on one side of heart shape paper. Top with fish ( I used salmon)
3. Add splash of wine, olive oil or butter (this keeps fish moist and creates a sauce)

3. Brush the edges of the paper with beaten egg white for a tighter seal if desired.
4. Working from one end begin tightly folding the open edge of the paper.
5. Continue folding the paper's open edge to form a seal. Transfer packet to a rimmed baking sheet and bake or place directly on the grill.

Ralph Waldo Emerson
May 25, 1803-April 27, 1882
American essayist, lecturer and poet
"Live in the sunshine,
swim in the sea,
drink the wild air."

They brought me rubies from the mine
And held them to the sun;
I said, they are drops of frozen wine
from Eden's vats that run.

I looked again-I thought them hearts-
Of friends to friends unknown;
Tides that should warm each neighboring life
Are locked in sparkling stone.

But fire to thaw that ruddy snow,
To break enchanted ice,
And give love's scarlet tides to flow,
When shall that sun arise? 

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