Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day

Take time to  show your appreciation for their service. Thank a Vet!
The World According to Bella
NiteDawg...All Lit Up
I wasn't too sure about my new NiteDawg LED Light Up Dog Collar gift.  I ask you, why do Mr. C and Mrs. S need to know where I am 24/7 ? Lake life is so much better when you can roam freely be unnoticed. You'd  think I was some dangerous dog on the loose that they need to keep track of my whereabouts.   
Really look at me in this picture below. I am resting comfortably enjoying a holiday campfire.
 Do I look like a menacing threat to the neighborhood? Is it really necessary I am visible for over 1,000 feet? Shouldn't I be able to roam the brush and woods on my own without someone tracking me?
Well...still not sure this was a necessary accessory.  At least I know wearing my  festive collar  I will fit right in for my neighbor's fireworks display tonight!   
Love, Bella

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