Wednesday, September 26, 2012


A local florist/greenhouse in my area hosts several seasonal DIY events with ideas for those who are looking for inspiration. There is a designated house on their property which is opened several times a year offering a wealth of do-it-yourself projects. 
I was instantly attracted to the tire projects since we have two huge stacks of tires in the garage which I would love to get rid of for more space. 
This eye catching display is made up of 3 different tires encased in burlap with a dried flower arrangement inside the tires.

This is a tire swing. Each tire was painted orange connected together and boasts cushioned seats and pillows.
Looking for an unusual light fixture that surly would be a conversation piece? Then this would be perfect choice with the shade being a kitchen strainer.
This was a novel approach to a headboard in the master bedroom. Note in the back it is one long door on its side. The door serves as a headboard and then on either side of the bed shelves are attached to the door serving as nightstands. 
But my very favorite room had to be the Fido dog room. If only Bella had been with me.
This photo is Fido's bed. It is a large table turned upside down with a mattress stuffed in center. Each of the four leg pedestals represent paws.
How about this! It was an open wardrobe/dresser with a variety of clothes specially made for that small dog in your life.
Now this was the ultimate light fixture in Fido's room. Just in case you think you are seeing things...yes those are suspended milk-bones.  
And what dog doesn't need its own spa. Off the bedroom was a door out to a balcony porch over the first floor. Check out the milkbone shape pool! 

In case you did not find just the DIY craft for you try Pinterest I know you will find something that brings out the inner artistic YOU! 
Those who dream by day 
Are Cognizant of many things
Which escape those 
Who dream by night.
by Edgar Allen Poe

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