Monday, August 13, 2018

Weekend Round-Up Part One: Book Arts

23rd Annual Northwoods Art and Book Festival 

As advertised we were bigger and better than ever. 
The arts came to Hackensack on a sunny, steamy, hot August day. The Northwoods Art and Book Festival is known for its high quality original art pieces in a variety of art media that includes paint, clay, fiber, metal, wood, jewelry and photography.
Unique to this festival is the popular book arts section where authors sell and sign copies of 
their books. It was held in several locations. 
Cook's Notes: Take the talents of 37 Minnesota authors and poets, mix with assorted titles and genre, spice it up with visitors of all ages, combine with animated literary conversations and book signings, add in a tantalizing program on how to collect family stories and you have a recipe for success. Also new to the event were four presentations.

Children's Author and Wolf Advocate Joanna Dymond shared her book Howling Yowling Growling with the River Pack and with her assistant engaged children with wolf related activities. 

Norton Stillman, publisher Nodin Press LLC brought award winning Twin Cities poets  
Michael Dennis Browne and Margaret Hasse who shared their poetic thoughts with  examples of their writing in the presentation Poetry Sings in Everyday Life.  

Award winning local author of Abercrombie Series, Candace Simar shared her writer's journey experiences and in the  publishing field.  
Rhonda Fochs, local author of Forgotten History:Minnesota Lost Towns series shared her research expertise as she searched for Minnesota towns, places and people of long ago. 

Meet the Authors located in United Congregational Church with their speciality genre. 
Patricia Linson-historical fiction
Joe Krogman-criminal suspense

Mary Knox Johnson-children's books 
Jim Alger-A writer's reflection on nature
Kiersten Hall-memoir, cross fiction/non-fiction
Meg Corrigan-memoir, inspirational, novels, Christian devotionals
Craig Nagel-human interest stories, novel

Donna Salli-contemporary fiction

Jason Lee Willis-paranormal thriller, historical fiction
Geoffrey Ferster-non-fiction, current affairs

Paul Sailer-WWII aviation history, non- fiction 

Anthony Swan-poetry, novel
Sharon Harris (left) editor Minnesota poetry, fiction and non-fiction
with published author from the Talking Stick Niomi Phillips (right) 

Candace Simar-Minnesota historical fiction

 Judy Jeub-religious fiction 

Laura Hansen-poetry

Kimberlee Bastian-historical fantasy
Wanda Bastian (pen name Julien Bradley) women's fiction, contemporary romance
Shirley Greves (pen name Rosemary Vaughn) novel contemporary fiction 

Christine Husom-mystery 

Chris Norbury-suspense thriller 
Rhonda Gillilard-mystery anthology

Pat Dennis-regional culinary mysteries, memoir, haiku, young adult

Mike Lein- non-fiction

Barbara Schlichting-mystery, historical fiction, picture books

John Warren-biographical novel 
Gene Stark-local Minnesota interest


  1. Congratulations, Sue! This is an amazing gathering of authors. One of these years, I must attend.

  2. Very nice article, Sue. Thanks for all your work to make this happen for the authors.

    Chris Norbury

  3. This was a great opportunity for writers to share their work and meet with one another. Thank you, Sue, for your hard work and the friendly work of your team.


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