Thursday, August 22, 2019

The World According to Bella

The Unexpected
Mrs. S's friends!
Often they remember me with treats. 
Check out this bag from Bernie. She reads my blog and knew about my birthday. Since the bag was decorated with paw prints with a Happy Birthday tag hanging down, I figured it must be for me. Mrs. S called it a designer bag. Bernie must have known the way to my heart is treats. It was loaded with a bag of milkbones
and a Bella sign. 
Even Mrs.S got something, labels for her bags of food treats.
Have you wondered how my dog sitting went with Mrs. S? Well, all I can say is lucky for us Mr.C came too. We needed the help BIG TIME. It took both of them to manage Sadie and Luna. I was just along for the ride and not much help. Luna sits at the door wanting to go out every hour. I just can't understand why one dog has to pee so much. If Luna goes out so does Sadie, then I follow because I don't want to miss anything. The first morning we were out four times and it wasn't even noon. Inside Sadie and Luna get wound up playing and leaping over furniture and going from window to window looking for birds. They are in constant motion all day long and well into the evening. I found a quiet place to watch all their activity.   
Mrs. S found the back deck the perfect place to entertain us. We all liked to watch the critters out back. Good idea she barricaded the steps. I had my eye on a bunny for a very long time.  I knew I could catch it they'd only let me out.  
End of Day One- we crashed.
Day Two- Mrs. S had to go away for a few hours. Mr. C took all three of us by leash for a walk. He had to hold on tight to keep us all moving in the same direction. Me and Luna always wanted to go opposite ways. Only Sadie listened to Mr. C . I think Mr. C was tired when we got home. He took a nap. No picture of this.
Day Three
I was very proud of myself to have made it up those very steep stairs all three nights.
I did not want to be all alone downstairs. Sadie and Luna got a lot of attention from Mr. C and Mrs. S Actually I thought a little too much. Sadie and Luna were real happy to see Jenny and Chris. I had fun but was ready to go home. I missed a lot of my naps and was tired. 
I thought we must have been gone a long time. When we got home several trees were a different color. 
Love, Bella 

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