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Sunday, October 20, 2019

Climate Change Captives 2035 and Project Save

Scientific evidence paints a clear picture that climate change is happening, caused in large part by human activity. This change has many serious and potentially damaging effects in the decades ahead if not addressed by society today. Climate Change Captives 2035 and Project Save is Carolyn Wilhelm's newest Cli-Fi book written for the YA reader but also a  thought-provoking and engaging read for all ages.

Earth has become so polluted people are living in enclosed city centers or are resisters living out in the woods. Students are working to finish the problem solving the adults started. The story line is a futuristic look at how the world has changed due to global warming with a focus on what life in the year 2035 would be like. Readers meet the main characters Brea, Robert, their families and two pen pals Kalli and Tristan from Northern Ireland.  They are all learning to cope and adjust to a new world. It's one that's faced with the residual effects of climate changes from a previous society who disregarded warnings that greenhouse gas emissions from cars, power plants and other man-made sources would reach a concentration level trapping the sun’s warmth near the earth’s surface thus affecting the planet’s climate system.

Author Carolyn Wilhelm is a retired Minnesota teacher passionate about education and  environmental issues, particularly climate change. She is a Climate Reality leader who gives  presentations in the classroom on this pertinent environmental issue. Wilhelm has also authored several children's picture books. She is the author/owner of Wise Owl Factory, an online site and blog that offers hundreds of mostly free educational printables and resources for Pre-K through the elementary grade levels that schools, homeschools, and children's groups such as scouts are welcome to access.

Climate Change Captives 2035 and Project Save is well researched with impressive documentation that include endnote references at the end of the book. All of Wilhelm's meticulous research on climate change was woven into the story. Each time Wilhelm used a true climate change fact in the text she noted it with a little Roman numeral which references a particular endnote found at the end of the book. In the eBook version, the reader can click on the Roman numeral and the citation pops up on that page. The details in Wilhelm's story are either entirely possible or based on scientific projections of what might happen in the future and how society would learn to cope with the consequences.

Characters Brea and Robert's families and the children's Irish penpals are well developed and relatable. Each situations they face seem entirely plausible with decontamination precautions, polarized sun-protective helmets, limited food sources, growth of dangerous poison ivy plants and limited water supplies. Government control has made laws for families who live within Green City 8763's border. Outside the city limits, severe limits on electricity are placed for those who chose to remain living in single family homes. Brea and Robert are middle school aged children encouraged to develop research projects that look for  climate change solutions. Their efforts become more global with the introduction of Tristan and Kalli, pen pals from Northern Ireland. The years 2019, 2027, 2028, and 2030 are especially important in this story with pivotal climate change events noted. The dystopian type ending is fitting for a few people whose greed and disregard for lack of consequences contributed to their demise as they thought they were escaping the end of life on Earth in a spaceship.

Carolyn Wilhelm is to be admired for her Call to Action with the publication of this book. She hopes readers will think more about what kind of world they want for future generations and what changes young people can do to promote a more habitable world. Book Two planned will include more about problem solving so the earth remains habitable without the consequences of pollution taking over the atmosphere as people rebuild a society affected by climate changes. Climate Change Captives 2035 and Project Save is a valuable resource for the classroom and school libraries. Free online resources to accompany the book can be found at and powerpoint presentations for teachers K-# 3-6 can be accessed through

The book trailer for Climate Change Captives 2035 and Project Save can be viewed at trailer

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  1. Thank you so much! I appreciate the time and talent it took to write this post.


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