Monday, October 28, 2019

Creative Uses for Leftover Halloween Treats

Take your leftover Halloween treats to the next level with some sweet creative treats. 
27 Amazing Desserts to Make with Leftover Halloween Candy
Kit Kat Bars
Almond Joy Cake Bars 
M&M Oat Bars
Candy Bar Cookies
Monster Toast

October gave a party.
Autumn wore her finest gown
a kaleidoscope of colors
golden, crimson, yellow hues.

Leaves swirled, fluttered, whirled
dancing to woodland tunes.
Trees swayed, kept time to music
under a moonlit sky.

A blustery wind howled
the uninvited guest blew through
brought party to a screeching halt
the revelers swept away.

by Sue Ready

1 comment:

  1. I knew I should have purchased more candy than a single bag of Reeses.


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