Thursday, January 23, 2020

Chasing Javelinas in Tubac

There is no shortage of Javelinas in our area. In fact a herd has been spotted in the neighborhood several different evenings as we are near a golf course, one of their favorite places to roam. Recently we encountered three near the entrance of a restaurant. It was dusk and their sudden appearance seemed scary.  I decided to use the restaurant's back entrance to be on the safe side. If you have followed this blog in 2o16 you'll remember Bella and Mr. C's encounter with a herd of javelinas which ensued losing Bella for 4 hours at night in the desert and sending Mr. C to the hospital.   A Night of Terror to refresh your memory.

Well this herd of javelinas below roam free in the town of Tubac, Southern AZ. 
Javelinas de Tubac is a community-wide endeavor that began as an idea developed by local artists. Virginia Hall and Nicholas Wilson pitched the idea to the Tubac Center of the Arts and the project was born. Many artists and community members have been involved at every step of the process and continue to collaborate and work towards a shared goal in bringing the highest caliber of art to Tubac, AZ
Chasing these javelinas was harmeless and fun. 40 handpainted artistic looking javelinas are scattered about the town and surrounding area. Talented local artists have come together with community organizations to showcase their works of art from the fall of 2019 to spring 2020. On April 4th there will be a live auction with bids starting at $1,500. 
Our discovery tour with the camera club began with a local artist who discussed her work and art medium used to create her wildly handpainted javelina. 
  Enjoy the wild safari tour where creativity and imagination knows no bounds.
A Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh was the inspiration for this one. For more information on the artists involved in this project go to

This project is reminiscent of the Charlie Brown/ Snoopy creations in the Twin Cities, a nod to its creator Charles Schultz, Minnesota native. 

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  1. Love the art, but not the real javelinas lurking outside a restaurant. I would have used the back door also.


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