Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Tucson Desert Museum and a Grocery List.

The Desert Museum is ranked on as one of the top 10 museums in the country and the #1 Tucson attraction. Unlike most museums, about 85% of the experience is outdoors. The museum covers 98 acres and is a fusion experience: botanical gardens, hummingbird aviary, zoo, art gallery, natural history museum, regional mineral collections and aquarium. There are miles of walking paths through various desert habitats where you can view some 230 animal species and over 2,000 species of plants. This is a museum not to be missed on your travels. It's practically a whole days experience.
As you drive into the museum you are greeted by what we call "cactus sentinels" standing guard on the mountainside and in the desert.
My recent purchase of  this guide to everything you'd ever want to know about cactuses (cacti) came in handy though most things were well marked.

I was able to zoom in get up 
'close and personal' to this cactus.

  Aloe Cactus

Teddy Bear Cholla
Totem  Pole Cactus


Now this sign was rather alarming and its one field trip we were grateful Bella stayed behind but this fountain was a welcome sight.

One had to be quick to catch this hummingbird at the feeder.
Have you ever heard of a javelina? The javelina, or collared peccary, is a common game animal in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. They resemble small pigs but belong to a different genus and move in herds. My husband caught two slumbering ones who found some shade..

The following information is really true. I recently purchased this cookbook
and on page 128 is a recipe for Javelina Stew. This is what it says in the introduction The trick to cooking javelina is to make sure the hunter who supplies it knows how to deal with the skin and the musk gland. There's nothing worse than poorly prepared javelina, which has an over pungent odor and taste. Good javelina, however is a popular dish throughout the Southwest, especially in the rural areas where hunting is a popular sport.   
Dear Readers,
You can be assured Ever Ready will not be posting any javelina recipes just in case you had hoped to read some.
Organ Pipe Cactus
Photo to give you an idea of the size of these cactuses (cacti). They are tall !
A trip to this desert museum was definitely a highlight with so many unusual plants and animals. There was lots to learn.

P.S. Just in case you are grocery shopping
be sure to pick up these staples for your Chinese/Asian cooking:
hoisin sauce, soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic, ginger, 5 spice powder, rice vinegar, some fresh vegetables including Bok Choy, green onions and snow peas, rice, beef, chicken or pork and chicken broth. February 19th is the kick off for Chinese New Year festivities with recipes.

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  1. I can tell you are thoroughly enjoying your time in Arizona. So much to discover. I'm enjoying this armchair travel, too, learning about cactus and those javelina. Apparently they are used to people. "Don't fee the coyotes" would scare me, too.