Friday, March 23, 2018

The World According to Bella

Winding Down
Lucky me!!

I found real GREEN GRASS- I think it's the only spot in town to sit my butt on besides going to a golf course. After nearly three months this was the best discovery of the day. I could have sat there all day. There was even a small tree nearby for shade. All I've ever seen the past few months is rocks and more rocks. This felt so good on my paws. 
Mrs. S was shopping at an outdoor Farmers Market and we were waiting for her.  
It was dog friendly. Mr.C found us a grooming place. He thought it might be a good idea for me to have a bit of an overhaul. Mrs. S calls it a beauty makeover much needed after all the dusty, dry weather.
Not only did this lady have a water station for dogs but she was handing out doggie biscuits.  

Last night I was dozing off and sort of listening to the  news when I heard the word rattlesnakes. Now that got my attention. What an alarming thought.  I was happy they decided to skip signing me up for a class called Venomous Snake Avoidance Training. I'd hate to meet a rattlesnake face to face. But Mr. C said not enough time for classes as we are leaving soon. 
Then the news man talked about how hungry the javelinas were and one little doogie even got attacked.
I shuddered hearing that part since just hours before Mr. C and I came across javelinas-not one not two but eight! They came out of a culvert that ran under the road. They didn't seem to care about me until I started barking very loudly to warn Mr. C of danger. Lucky he had a good grip on me as I was ready for a chase. But then again I could have gotten lost running out in the desert. We turned and quickly went another direction.  
Mr. C and Mrs. S have had lots of company. Fine by me as I get extra treats, and other stuff. How do you like my latest gift? Mrs. S says a pop of color next to my tan coat looks nice. So far I've gotten a lot of compliments. 

Love, Bella

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