Monday, March 12, 2018

Weekend Round-Up

Part Two
Gammons Gulch-Camera Club Field Trip
Gammons Gulch is located north of Benson, Arizona, in the High Desert of Cochise County 45 minutes from Tucson.

Gammons Gulch is the 40 year Labor of Love, gathered and built by Jay and Joanne Gammons. It has been used for Hollywood movie sets and the Gammons encourage small parties, groups, weddings and student filming as well. In addition it is a museum. 

It's a step back in time to experience life in the old west with an authentic western movie set that could also be perfect for your productions. Not only do they provide an Old West Town with a wide main street, but  with side streets and alley ways. Also as you cross the Dry Wash which has been used for many other scenes, you come to “The Gulch” which in it lies our Mining Camp.
The mining camp has a mine, a miners Cabin ore cars, mining equipment and a huge one lunger engine that works. Another feature it has is a full beautiful view of the Mountains to the West of Gammons Gulch.

Some of the stars that have appeared in productions at Gammons Gulch are: Jeff Fahey and Kristian Alfonso from the day time television soap show “Days of our Lives” who starred in the movie “Day of Redemption”, Sheree Wilson (Walker: Texas Ranger; Dallas), William Shockley (Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman; The Young Riders), and Peter Coyote (The 4400; Brothers and Sisters) who Starred in “The Gundown” have been at this location.
Actors and an actress were hired for the day so we could try out our photography skills. This movie set was way out in the desert with nothing around for miles. It definitely was an "out of the box" experience for me but one I really enjoyed. 
This gentleman, Jay Gammons, is the owner of the town. He entertained us in the saloon on his 100 year old  piano.
Enjoy the photos.

Ever heard of being dressed in steampunk? More details next posting.

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  1. You're having fun on these field trips, aren't you? Are you feeling more comfortable with your camera?


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