Friday, March 30, 2018

The World According to Bella

Leaving Arizona on a high note. 
Mr.C couldn't walk fast enough for us to be on time. I did not and I repeat did not want to miss the 9:00 AM start of PET EGG HUNT EXTRAVAGANZA sponsored by Green Valley Village.  

Lucky for me Mrs. S heard about this pet event from a friend. I was beside myself with excitement thinking about doggie treats galore scattered all around in plastic eggs. In fact I had a hard time sleeping the night before thinking about it and worrying we might not go. Mr. C was not too enthused. He seemed concerned that I'd go crazy being on a leash with a lot of other dogs around all wanting treats at the same time. But Mrs S said it would be all right. 

We were on time and so was Lucy. She was dressed in  a festive scarf. I wish I had thought to wear my new red scarf. 
Martha and Chris brought Lucy as their owners were busy and Lucy did not want to miss all the fun. Martha had a map where all the plastic eggs were hidden. 
She showed us what to look for 
and Lucy and I were quick learners. We did not need a map as we're both good sniffers.  As soon as they yelled Start both of us were off and running but in opposite directions. I was dragging Mr. C along. He was moving too slow and kept yelling. "Don't eat the plastic!" 

I found 7 and could have done way more but Mr.C thought that was enough treats for the morning.  Gosh it was just a feast. I wonder how many Lucy found? Mr.C and Mrs. S thought I was well behaved. 
For sure this event is on my calendar for next year. One not to miss. 

Love, Bella
P.S. Hope you get lots of treats in your basket. 

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