Tuesday, October 30, 2018

The World According to Bella

I am in the cities just in time for the annual Halloween parade at the dog park. I look forward to it every year and with all the doggie treats handed out what's not to like. Plus its a chance to see my friends who I've not seen since last summer. I know for sure Mulligan will be there because I get a sleepover tonight at his house. Mrs. S and I went back and forth over costumes like every year. Here is what I didn't want 
the really silly looking fairy costume
nor the cowgirl look
nor the Christmas look
I had a hard time making Mrs. S understand I just wanted something real simple and classy. Finally after a lot of whining on my part Mrs. S gave up and said yes to my glow in the dark collar even though its still light out and no one will really notice I am glowing.  
But it will be perfect later for all the trick and treaters who come to Mulligan's house. 

Wondering are you dressing up and passing out treats? 
from me Bella and some of my friends. 

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