Friday, May 17, 2019

Literary Conversations Over a Plate of Food Part Two

Add a plate of food, cup of tea with very fine conversations and you have a recipe for success. 
Front to counter clockwise Balsamic Caprese Bites, Egg Salad Toasts, Mango Chicken Chutney Salad,  Lime Mousse Tartlets, Gingersnap Cookies, Scone, Cucumber Sandwich
Lemon Curd Biscuits 
Cook's Notes: Food contribution by Char 
A burst of spring- these biscuits were served in flower petal cupcake holders
Ingredients: A box of whole wheat biscuits, a jar of lemon curd and a container of mascarpone cream, room temperature for easier spreading 
Directions: Spread on each biscuit a dollop of mascarpone and top with small teaspoon lemon curd.  

Balsamic Caprese Bites    
Cook's notes: Fancy skewers found at Party City. I wanted to use marinated mini mozzarella balls (deli section) but they were out so bought plain ones and drizzled skewers right before serving with a good quality chocolate balsamic but regular dark balsamic works too.    
Ingredients:Grape tomatoes, mozzarella pearls, fresh basil leaf, dark balsamic vinegar 
Directions: Depending on the length of the skewer thread one tomato, fold one basil leaf in half and add a few mozzarella balls at the end. 

Egg Salad Toasts
Cooks Notes: Serve on firm bread with crust removed or cocktail size bread squares. 
Ingredients: My recipe contains the following ingredients: eggs, celery, onions, yellow mustard, pickle relish, dill, parsley flakes and Miracle Whip

Mango Chicken Chutney Salad 
Cook's Notes: A recipe previously posted and I added half a red grape on top as a garnish.
I found at Party City these great 2 inch mini containers (30 in a box) and mini wooden spoons that say Enjoy
Lime Mousse Tartlets 
Cook's Notes: A recipe previously posted
The recipe was served in fillo appetizer shells
if unable to find at your local store these containers, pots with lids, from Party City would work 
 or shooter glasses from the Dollar Tree.
Gingersnap Cookies
Cook's Notes:Recipe previously posted only change I made was not flattening the cookies before baking I just left the dough in a ball. Joan's Gingersnap Cookies

Cucumber Sandwich 
Cook's Notes: I used cocktail size bread with Boursin Garlic Herb as the spread. 
Cooking Tip: Slice cucumbers ahead and let sit on paper towel to absorb the moisture.

Cook's Note: As a timesaver purchase from your local bakery. Serve with jam.


  1. How fun!! I want to do this next time my sister comes over!! Thanks for sharing at the What's for Dinner party. Have a wonderful week!

  2. Oh so many sweet treats that I wish I could eat! Thanks for sharing #TrafficJamWeekend


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