Sunday, September 29, 2019

Chainsaw Carving Event

11 carvers turned logs into works of art at the 15th Annual Chainsaw Carving Event September 27-29, Hackensack, MN. Three days were jam packed with artist sculpting, quick carves, lumberjack shows, chainsaw carvings auction, plus food, games and raffle prizes.

What an amazing array of art works that were made from logs-so creative. Thank heavens I wisely left my checkbook behind to ward off temptation to buy but it was really really hard. I could see many of the carved items sitting right in my front yard to welcome visitors like
The quick carves shows were mind boggling creating a masterpiece in just 45 minutes. 
This work of art was certainly quirky and fun, a full size outhouse. Open the door and there sits Bigfoot. His dog waits outside. The detailing on this piece of art was just incredible. 
The stamina and non-stop patter by the auctioneer raising the bidding up and up was much to be admired. We were amazed how the price soared quickly with most pieces going between $500.00 to well over $2,000. Well, you'll be happy to know I was able to stick with the plan passing on purchases. But I really enjoyed all the creative carved works of art.
There was quite the crowd for the lumberjack show as two lumberjacks competed in several events: cross cut saw,
tree topping, axe throwing, and 
 my favorite, boom racing, time racing across the logs.

Adding to the carnival like atmosphere were food trucks
and a variety of craft vendors. 

A fun way to spend a weekend afternoon viewing an amazing array of talent.

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  1. What a fun event. I love all the fun events your little community hosts. One of these years I need to attend one.


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