Thursday, September 11, 2014

Word of the Day:Purple

I got the call late from my daughter just as I was leaving the house. I was forewarned- today was purple day.  Lucky I just happened to have purple flowers. I cut some so I would have something to share. 
As part of a school wide team building for the first two weeks of school each day is a designated color. Today was purple. The staff and students went all out. Purple Viking shirts were in abundance. 
And then there were shoes.

The activities were focused on the word purple.

Only 2 students out of 22 have had any previous preschool experience,so boundaries, rules, directions and staying on task are all new to them. Plus the challenge of being in an all day program. 
Everyday is a busy day.

This is a late message-
The Good Morning America filming from Northport School and Jamie Foxx is scheduled  to be shown Friday September 12. Its on early-set your alarm.

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  1. What a difference you and your daughter are making in these children's lives. Bless you for your care and work.


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