Thursday, July 26, 2018

The World According to Bella

Performance Review-Sleeping on the Job 
My recent performance review by Mrs. S was less than satisfactory. I was sorry to let Mrs, S. down. She thinks perhaps I've spent way too much time inside with the AC and power napping in my hole. I guess I haven't been paying attention to what's going on in the yard   

sleeping on patrol duty. The deer have moved in and taken control. Overnight rows of tiger lilies, hydrangeas and hostas have gone missing.

Even the pots had blossoms snacked right off. Devastation everywhere. If that wasn't bad enough the geese have moved in messing up our dock with their poop. I've tried regaining  control barking intruders off even into the night. Once I barked so long a neighbor called Mr.C late at night. She was worried something bad had happened. 
How to win back Mrs, S's trust is tough. I'm open to suggestions. Comment below with any ideas to help me.    

Mr. C thought he'd give me a chance. He needed help loon counting for our lake meeting. I was up, ready and on high alert. We sailed off. Mrs.S was driving the boat. Mr.C kept busy scanning the waters.  
 I thought I was quite helpful. Each time I saw a loon I barked.  Mr.C and I counted 12 adults and three babies. 

Afterwards I kept Mr. S company while he made some social calls to neighbors collecting road money. One really nice lady even come up with a small milk bone for me. Later we went to the bank. As we drove through Mr. C told me to sit up straight so they'd see me. When we got to the drive up window another nice lady had a milk bone. Two milk bones in one day. Lucky me! 

The weather is getting cooler and I don't seem to need as many long naps. I am trying to be more alert for intruders in my yard. The problem is they seem to come in the middle of the night when we are sleeping. I have thought about seeing if Mr. C could make some kind of an alarm system to alert us.  What do you think?   

Love, Bella

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  1. Good luck. Lots of wildness in them there woods that likely won't go away.


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