Tuesday, January 1, 2019

New Year Greetings 2019

A New Year-A Clean Slate
Looking at my  2019 calendar makes me think of a clean slate as a new year is upon us. The January page looks so clean and bare... no scribbles, scheduled appointments, events to attend, dates to remember or places to be at. A clean slate certainly is something to think about. Starting fresh has endless possibilities with chances to make some changes, new things to look forward to and just perhaps there may be some surprises awaiting each of us in 2019.

I've read that each January roughly one out of every three Americans resolve to better themselves in some way. But a smaller percentage actually make good on those resolutions. The top resolutions focus on eating healthier, weight loss, more exercise, quitting smoking and saving more money. The drive to exercise more is quite evident when I am at the gym. Attendance numbers will be at an all time high in January and then after two to three months be back to normal. Why is this? Not sure since we all start out with good intentions making our resolutions but some how along the way get side tracked. Perhaps we need to have some kind of support/reward system in place to help us stick with our resolutions. If you are one who has made a resolution be sure it is a worthy one that is attainable and then work on keeping it.

Wishing all of you
Quiet wonders
That touch your soul
Many favorite memories
That make you smile 
And peace in your world 

A note from Ever Ready
Need a break from all the binge holiday eating? Ever Ready has got you covered with some upcoming high protein low carb recipes, quick low cal lunches. healthy salads and a variety of southwestern dishes. 
Alert: Ever Ready has switched locations for a few months. We tried to escape the snow but it followed us all the way through New Mexico into AZ. A last minute change in plans found us driving a total of 789 miles in one day to avoid a snowstorm in Albuquerque!!  

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  1. Your wishing all of you message is poetically beautiful. Thank you. And the same to you and yours in 2019.

    Enjoy the warmth and sunshine of Arizona! I'm sorry you had to deal with snow on your way there, though. No fun.


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