Wednesday, January 9, 2019

The World According to Bella

Out West
I made it to the desert
even though it meant I was held captive in the van for 4 days let out only for peeing, food stops and hotel rests. To avoid a huge snowstorm Mr. C had this idea that he could outsmart the weather. So they drove in one day 14 hours and some 789 miles. But we did manage to miss the snowstorm. 
I missed most of my naps for four days while traveling. I found it necessary to keep an eye on their driving to make sure they were headed in right direction. 
We made a stop at same place from last year with the scary sign posted that said...
I shivered thinking about those dreaded snakes and javelinas that await our return. 

But I wanted you to know we arrived safe but the snow followed us right up to the front door.  They get real excited about snow here but a few inches didn't seem like much to me.  
I'm happy to report it's warming up for me to sun myself on the patio
and I am beginning to forget all the snow from home. 
I've begun to shed my fur coat so 
let the adventures begin. And already it has. My biggest excitement this week was when Mrs S and I were out for a walk. A neighbor shouted out at her  "You'd better not take your dog this way!" He pointed excitedly at not one, nor two but 11 javelinas crossing the street with two babies in the rear. We quickly turned and headed in a different direction so fast Mrs. S didn't even stop to get a picture. 
Love, Bella

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  1. I would not want to encounter a javelina. They look vicious. Stay safe.


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