Thursday, July 18, 2019

The World According to Bella

A Dog's Life
No, I am not dead in this picture. I just feel like it. It's all about the heat. It goes on and on.  Wearing a fur coat is just not fun.
Good news- at least I've had a chance to practice my dog paddle several times today. Great  way to cool off and I do like Mrs. S's towel rubs.  

But inside under the table for my AC fix is the best place to be.  
To me the bigger problem is all the rain. Some days seems like it will never end.    
It's really annoying when my hole fills up with water. I have to wait a long time for it to dry out  
and then I need to repaw my hole to get it back the way it was.  

Something sad happened last week. My walking buddy Wally had to be put to sleep. Every night when we walk by his house I look down his driveway expecting him to run down and join us for our walk. He will be missed.
I am in the countdown for my birthday. Soon I will be 11. Mrs S told me we could have a party and I'm hoping she'll get a cake just like Luna got. I heard it was real good. 
Love, Bella

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