Tuesday, December 18, 2018

The World According to Bella

Christmas Countdown
I am worried. What if Santa can't find me. We've moved and live deep in the woods far away from our other house. And to make it worse we don't have a fireplace. I am not hopeful Santa can get down this wood stove but Mrs. S insisted it will be fine and hung up my stocking. 
Another worry is I've been a bit naughty.  My adventures exploring in the woods have gotten me into BIG trouble and real sick a lot of times from eating deer carcasses. So now I'm leashed at all times. Mrs. S said I should make a list anyway and hope for the best.

I did not put rawhide bones on my list because Sadie and Luna had an unfortunate accident. Since they've had so many rawhide treats they've cracked some teeth. I really like their new snacks from Trader Joes and put this box on my list.  
Second on my list is a bed upgrade. After seeing Sadie's new bed I just have to have one even though it takes up a lot of floor space. It's an orthopedic one really high with a built in pillow. 
What's not to like. Check out the comfy spot they've made for Luna. Mrs. S thinks she's just like the princess and the pea.  
Mrs. S has been busy baking. I'm a good helper right behind her licking up all the crumbs so she doesn't have to sweep the floors. Perhaps I may have redeemed myself as she brought home from the store this beef shank bone. What a treat. 

It was so good  I started at dusk 
and went chewing well into dark until Mr. C said I had to come in.  But right before bed I insisted I had to go out to check to see if the bone was still there. It was, so I bought it up closer to the house so it would be safe overnight. 
Early the next morning even before the sun came up I wanted outside. I moved the bone to a new location near the garage to keep it safe.  I really wanted to bury it but the ground is too hard. 

My Santa list has been mailed and I'm wearing my festive collar with a bell and 

reindeer antlers to get into the holiday spirit.  And Mrs. S and I will be tracking Santa on
 https://twitter.com/noradsanta on Christmas Eve. How about you? 

Love, Bella

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  1. Well, it seems to me, Bella, that you will have a wonderful Christmas.


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