Tuesday, December 25, 2018

The World According to Bella

It's A Wrap 
I mean for Christmas 
When I heard Mr. C and Mrs. S planning an overnight at Sadie and Luna's house I was not enthused.  After writing my Christmas letter and letting Santa know exactly my new location this news was a setback. How would he find me somewhere else? They promised it would be just one night with a return on Christmas Day. 
As expected Sadie and Luna went all out with their festive outfits.  I came not too festive just wearing my green stripped collar with a bell. I left the antler headband in the van as I felt silly wearing it. Mrs. tried to make me look more festive to cheer me up by adding a few bows. But gosh, I could never come close to their outfits. 
Chris had some treats for us from their Trader Joe box  
and he had our complete attention. 
Sadie and Luna love attention from Jenny and Chris but got tired of picture taking very quickly.   
We bought them Christmas doggie treats and stopped off at Mulligans's house the next day to deliver him a very large rawhide bone. I was in a hurry to get back home to see if Santa made it to my house. Not only was my stocking stuffed with treats but he left this huge 7 lb. box of milkbones.  Well over 330 snacks in 5 delicious flavors

and also left a small stocking filled with mini milkbones. 

Mrs. S seemed worried with all  these snacks and said we'd have to limit how many a day.  
I didn't see a bed upgrade anywhere in the house as I looked all over. I did hear Mr. C say something about an Amazon delivery. Just as I got real excited thinking about a bed delivery I heard the words IN ARIZONA. Yikes! a return visit to Arizona was not on my list. I'm not ready for a trip like this as I just got a new fur coat and was enjoying the cooler weather.  
Guess that means Mrs. S will be making me wear my out west cowgirl outfit. 

I hope your Christmas was good. Will keep you posted on the bed upgrade. 
Love, Bella

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