Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Have a Heart

Add some creativity and imagination to your Valentine's Day. 
You Are The Sprinkles to My Cupcake
Free Printable
Valentine Peeps S'mores
Directions:  https://www.janinehuldie.com/valentines-day-peeps-smores/
or make your own individual peep treat bags

Heart Shaped Brownies
Use a box mix or your own favorite brownie mix recipe to create brownie hearts. Use different size heart cutters.
White Chocolate Bark
Look for Hershey Mint Kisses (Target) to create this special valentine.
Look for these tags at Michael or JoAnn and write your own message.
Recreate this valentine idea making your own signage and fill bag with favorite donut holes (use a mixture of plain, cinnamon and powdered sugar). 

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