Thursday, April 18, 2013

Keep A Poem in Your Pocket Day

Keep A Poem in Your Pocket Day April 18, 2013
The idea is simple: select a poem you love, carry it with you, then share it with co-workers, family, and friends.

Keep A Poem In Your Pocket
by Beatrice Schenk de Regniers

Keep a poem in your pocket
and a picture in your head
and you’ll never feel lonely
at night when you’re in bed.

The little poem will sing to you
the little picture bring to you
a dozen dreams to dance to you
at night when you’re in bed.

Keep a picture in your pocket
and a poem in your head
and you’ll never feel lonely
at night when you’re in bed. 
 I am one of Ralph Fletcher’s biggest fans. Over the years I have enjoyed reading his novels, picture and poetry books and books on the writing process. “Twilight Comes Twice” is a children’s poetry picture book. It is written in evocative prose that describes the transition from day to night and back from night to day.  Fletcher is a master at creating vivid images using personification and metaphors to explain twilight, dawn and dusk. The illustrations enhance the text.
This book is a great teaching tool for helping those who want to improve their descriptive writing by using metaphors, similes and personification.
The following stanzas are the first four found in the book “Twilight Comes Twice”
Twice a day
a crack opens
between night and day.
Twice twilight
slips through that crack.

It stays only a short time
while night and day
stand whispering secrets
before they go their
separate ways.

Dusk is the name
for evening twilight.
Dusk gives the signal
for night to be born.

Dusk deepens the colors
Of ordinary things.
Even the common grass
faces on a luster
that makes you
stop to look.
The World According to Bella
Woe is me!  I should have seen the signs:
Last night Mr. C gave me a huge cup of food right before bedtime.
Today was a first for me-no food in my bowl for breakfast. 
A pack of water bottles barricaded the closet door where my food is stored.
Mr. C and Mrs. S continued ignoring my whining as I pawed their bed to get their attention starting at 6:05 AM.
Mrs. S kept whispering to Mr. C and then they’d spell out words to each other.

If I had only checked Mrs. S’s calendar yesterday I might have noticed the red circle around April 18 and the words: Bella surgery
All I can say is today is my worst nightmare come true. Not only did I not get my breakfast but Mr. C refused to feed me and we had to leave the house very early. In the car he told me I needed some surgery but it is nothing to worry about. Something about a bump on my neck that has to come off. He assured me that with a few stitches I will be fine. But what I don’t get is I do feel fine except I am starving!! My tummy keeps growling. And... I think this is going to hurt!
Love from a scared and hungry Bella

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  1. I work in a vet clinic and love this poem written from the pets' point of view! Very clever and insightful.


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