Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spring Rains

Rainy Day Reflections
"I've learned that you can tell a lot about a person by the way he/she handles these three things: a rainy day, lost luggage, and tangled Christmas tree lights."
Poet Maya Angelou 

Today was that sort of a damp rainy day where one needed to find an indoor activity to rejuvenate their spirits. Bachmans, a local florist, was hosting DIY Spring ideas at a bungalow near their main store. Perhaps one of these ideas would be just that project to recharge your batteries.     

These curtains are made from kitchen dish towels that are folded over a rod. The flowers have a magnet on back that goes on the front dishtowel and is held in place by another magnet on the back. If you do not have a Bachmans gift store near check a Pier One store for the flowers. This project has lots of possibilities with changing your curtain with different towels and flowers.  

This artistic arrangement mounted on the wall was made using different size bicycle wheels.

These cupcakes are not edible but what an eye catching centerpiece for a Spring tea or shower. The cupcake liners are not paper but made of some type of synthetic material that can hold a small plastic planter with dirt and flowers. 

This is an enchanting fairy house that was set in the middle of a fairy garden. It is made from a round old fashioned suitcase. Inside lights were added and furniture just like a miniature dollhouse but perfect for a family of fairies. A door and windows were cut right into the suitcase. Look closely at the top of the suitcase you can see the handle.

A planter made from an old fashioned kitchen scale was a novel idea found in the kitchen.

With a bit of ingenuity an old fashioned birdcage can be turned into a bedroom lamp.
A creative way to dress up the back of an old chair. Can you spot the spoon rest in the middle of the dried greenery? 
Who would have thought a picket fence could be repurposed for a valance!

Spring Rain
Soft rain falls
To nourish the ground
In hissing whispers
Of peaceful sound

Soft rain falls
Rejuvenating Life
Washing away
Painful darkness and strife.
Soft rain falls
From a sky that's muted gray
Giving birth to new beauty
For the sun to shine upon
Another day
Soft rain falls
To refresh and renew
So that you can feel
The tiny miracles
That it makes just for you
by Randy Duckworth 2009
Poetry tip for the day: Enjoy a book of poems with your morning breakfast.

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